Quarter 3 Bulldog Bash!

On March 15, we will be celebrating our AMS Top Dogs by:
  • Having a glow dance party!
  • Playlist chosen by YOU!
  • Door prizes and other fun surprises!
Want to be invited? It is easy! For all of Q3 (Jan. 4-March 7)...
  • Pass all classes (including exploratory and PAWS!
  • No Office Referrals
  • Less than or equal to 3 Unexcused Absences (Bring a note if you are absent!)
  • Less than 3 Unexcused Tardies. (Your parent must come in if you are late!)
  • Less than 3 Unexcused Early Checkouts! It is important to be in school for ALL your classes!
  • No more than 5 missing assignments in all your classes!